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How Arizona School Donation Tax Credits Benefits those in need

Arizona’s School donation tax credit program for private schools has four separate tax credits, two for individuals and two for corporations. These donations are made to qualifying school tuition organizations.

An original individual credit is given to students with disabilities who go to preschool and K-12.

A Switcher credit made by individuals are scholarships primarily intended for K-12 students switching from public school. For the donors to claim switcher credit, once must have given a maximum amount via the original credit. 

Another is Corporate credit scholarships intended for low-income students. Low-income families who are qualified are a family of four earning less than $85,905. Corporations must secure pre-approval or a certification from the state to avail this credit.

Likewise, there is also a scholarship known as disabled/displaced corporate intended for students in foster care with disabilities. 

These several individual tax credits offered by the state of Arizona helps people to give to charities and qualifying organizations. These tax credits allow taxpayers to reduce what you owe on your state taxes for each dollar up to the allowable limits. Individuals can save money while allowing them to give back to the local community. 

To provide the academic, social-emotional, and committed teams initiate extracurricular opportunities centered on the needs of every child as they strive to reach their full potential. It has always been necessary to ask for the support of our families, community partners, board members, and staff to support the mission, which is to provide a transformational education for students with learning differences. With the right support from you, students can graduate as confident and capable learners, prepared for diverse school settings.   

Supporting accredited schools and organizations offers opportunities throughout the year to boost the funding and cover the gap between what tuition provides and the funds needed to operate the partnered schools.

By making contributions to schools and non-profit organizations, Arizona’s taxpayers reduce tax liabilities. Taxpayers can choose how to make their tax dollars to do greater good in their neighborhood schools and communities through cash contributions.

The cash contributions or donations are necessary for many students, and scholarships are the most desirable form of financial help.

An Individual’s cash contributions have aided scholarships to tens of thousands of low-income families and special needs children. Students who face economic disadvantages and other major problems are accessing some of the best private schools. For children who face major economic disadvantages and disabilities, Education is the hope to help them achieve a brighter future. The scholarship is invaluable to these families who need information, resources, and opportunity to help their children succeed.

The scholarship provided by the individuals’ cash donations will create life-changing opportunities for every student and family they helped.