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10 Best Charitable Organizations in Arizona

by | Jan 3, 2022 | News

Generosity is now termed as the new marketing. Several business owners share their success by donating money, products, and volunteer hours for charitable efforts in a community. Charity donations also give every business owner the tax benefits of business donating to charity. Additionally, one of the privileges of running a business is providing community organizations with charitable and outreach efforts that are significant to families or groups of people within a community. Nonprofit organizations significantly help the humane society through public support, financial assistance, shelter, family support, and a lot more.

Listed here are the ten best charitable organizations in Arizona that generously share what they have to provide other people with a good life.


#1 Children’s Care Arizona



Children’s Care Arizona is a nonprofit organization that visualizes children as the key that holds the future. They are one of the best charitable organizations with a team of dedicated volunteers that ensures children will get the support and care they need. This organization started from a small number of volunteers that perform charity works that make a life difference. As their foundation grows, they extend their Arizona helping hands to children, especially those from low-income families, by giving them access to school and other resources.

  • Support schools and low-income families
  • Child Care/ Supervision Needs

Website: https://childrenscareaz.org/

Address: P.O Box 5303 Goodyear, AZ 85338

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 480 795 3775

Email: support@childrenscareaz.org

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#2 Ronald Mcdonald House Charities



Being one the best charitable organizations, Ronald Mcdonald House Charities continuously supports families who need medical care for their children. This nonprofit organization values the health and welfare of children, and they build an expansive and diverse global charity that gives families an atmosphere of comfort, courage, and hope. Through the outstanding commitment of volunteers and donors, RMHC was able to help families have temporary housing that will be conveniently near their child’s medical center.

  • Medical support to communities
  • Medical treatment for children
  • Provide Temporary low-cost housing for low-income families

Website: https://rmhccnaz.org/

Address: 501 East Roanoke Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 264 2654

Fax: 602 264 5670

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#3 The Welcome to America Project



As one of the best charitable organizations, Welcome to America shares its strategic resources to improve refugees’ self-sufficiency and integration. Through their assistance, they provided the community of refugees with access to technology, schooling, and other sorts of activities that enhance an individual’s welfare. They warmly welcome newcomers and help them overcome their trauma and settle in a vibrant community.

  • Technological Resources
  • Music Programs and Activities
  • Schooling Program
  • Soccer Team Sponsorship

Website: https://www.wtap.org/

Address: 1711 W. Universities Dr. #158 Tempe, AZ 85281

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 490 0088

Email: info@wtap.org

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#4 Thunderbirds Charities



Thunderbirds Charities is a nonprofit organization that has the mission of supporting organizations that assist every family and child in the community by improving their quality of life. Being one of the best organizations, Thunderbirds grant programs that enhance the lives of mentally and physically challenged people. They continuously work in eliminating homelessness, poverty, and community poverty.

  • Support at-risk youth, families, and community in Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area
  • Educational support

Website: https://thunderbirdscharities.org/

Address: 7226 N. 16th Street, Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85020

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 870 0163

Fax: <6012 870 4162

Email: grantinsfo@thunderbirdscharities.org

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#5 Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Central Arizona



With a mission of creating and supporting one-on-one mentoring relationships, Big Brothers Big Sisters Arizona ignites the youth by helping them succeed in their lives. It is a group that continuously develops a positive relationship with children to bring along their lives as they grow. Through their organized efforts, they can constantly strengthen background check systems and make sure that their staff will have the significant training and resources that will be needed in helping the little ones in achieving their success.

  • Matching
  • Relationship Management
  • Activities
  • Screening and Training
  • Clothing Donation

Website: https://www.bbbsaz.org/

Address: 1615 E Osborn Road Phoenix, AZ 85016

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 264 9254

Fax: 602 264 9283

Email: info@bbbsaz.org

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#6 Esperanca



Esperanca has been serving the community in bringing better work towards health equity for everyone. They have a mission of improving health through proper preventive measures, education, and treatment for every individual in the community. As one of the best charitable organizations, Esperanca created a partnership with an in-country NGO. Together, they promote programs that match what the community needs.

  • Medical Supplies Donation
  • Charitable Tax Credit
  • Health education and Services

Website: https://esperanca.org/

Address: 1911 West Earll Drive Phoenix, AZ 85015

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 252 7772

Email: Info@Esperanca.org

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#7 Arizona Community Foundation



Arizona Community Foundation was founded in 1991. It started as the Greater Sedona Community Foundation and later changed its name to what is now presently called. Since then, Arizona Community has been one of the best organizations that secure, allocate, and manage donors gifts for charitable purposes. They provide food, grant loans, scholarships, and financial support to the less fortunate people in the community. Arizona Community Foundation has several partners working with them to improve the quality of life for all residents. Together, they serve the community for the good of all.

  • Scholarships
  • Professional Advisors
  • Donations
  • Grants and Loans
  • Initiatives and Impact

Website: https://www.azfoundation.org/

Address: 2201 E. Camelback Road, Suite 405B Phoenix, AZ 85016

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 381 1400

Email: info@azfoundation.org


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#8 Tiger Mountain Foundation



Every time you give your dollars or donation, it already makes a big difference to several communities. The Tiger Mountain Foundation and other organizations that improve the lives of underserved people continuously make their efforts to build a better society. As one of the best charitable organizations, the Tiger Mountain Foundation aims to reverse the problem of poor health choices and incarceration through agri-landscaping and community gardens. It is an organization that does not use people to profit from their work. Instead, they help them by teaching young people, seniors, and adults practical life skills that help in improving their lives.

  • Community gardens and agriculture landscaping initiatives
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Initiatives

Website: https://tigermountainfoundation.org/non-profit-community-garden/

Address: 3146 East Wier Ave, Suite 31 Phoenix, AZ 85040

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 687 7725

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#9 The Catholic Community Foundation

The Catholic Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to provide sustainable support for those who serve the community. They are one of the non profit organizations that serve as a philanthropic and financial resource for donors. They are also one of the best charitable organizations that provide charitable gifts through long-term and prudent practices. The CCF returns the excess profits from sound investing back to the community through scholarships, grants, and other help that they can give to a community.


  • Education and Consultation
  • Grants and Scholarships
  • Catholic Growth Funds
  • Endowments
  • Parish Campaigns

Website: https://ccfphx.org/

Address: 4500 South Lakeshore Drive, STE 650 Tempe, AZ 85282

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 480 651 8800

Email: info@ccfphx.org


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 #10 Stepping Stone Foundation

A Stepping Stone Foundation started in 1989. It is currently collaborating with Alhambra and Isaac Elementary Schools District to provide high-quality learning for those at risk of school failure due to low literacy. It is one of the best organizations with a wide support base that can provide gifts or donations to children. They also give family clothing donations and celebrate occasions planned and enjoyed by families. A Stepping Stone Foundation assures that every investment that donors will provide will be part of the children’s future and make a big difference to families and communities.


  • Free Tuition for Literacy Issues
  • Family Literacy
  • Distance Learning
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Internship Program

Website: https://asteppingstone.org/

Address: 2851 W Kathleen Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 602 843 8281

Fax: 602 843 6498


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Word of Thought

Charitable organizations create a significant impact on people. They help women, children, youth, seniors, and all sorts of people within a community—they aim to impose equity and improve the lives of many. Several companies have founded nonprofit organizations and gained the tax benefits of business donating to charity. However, what is more into this is they can help the people. Some of the advantages of a charitable organization include schooling, clothing donation, medical support, temporary housing, and counseling. If you are an aspiring volunteer or a donor, you can reach out your hands to these listed best charitable organizations and help those in need.


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