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Benefits of Donating To Qualified Charitable Organization

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Qualified Charitable Organization

qualified charitable organization


Annual taxing is a complex job. You never know where your money actually goes. You might never even have the opportunity to see how your tax dollars significantly affect people’s lives. While some people don’t mind where their money goes, others opt to give their annual taxes to local charities needing much-needed support. It is often regarded as giving it back to a cause they have close ties with. One example would be Children’s Care Arizona, a qualified charitable organization specializing in children and other related programs. You could even get to enjoy tax benefits for donating to any charity of your choice.

Investing in children’s lives is the best way an individual can do to ensure a lifetime of endless possibilities for every child. Picture a world where every child is given better opportunities and a better quality of life. Here in Children’s Care, this is our life goal. We make it possible by accepting donations from generous donors that know the tremendous impact their contribution could have on a child. In fact, there are even other ways you can support them apart from donating your tax dollars which we will be talking about soon enough. For now, here are some of the benefits you can get to enjoy whenever you contribute to any qualified charitable organization in Arizona.


Tax Benefits for Donating to Charity


A qualified charitable organization offers the following benefits for its donors:

  1. Get your tax dollars reimbursed by the State. Suppose you pay your taxes in the State of Arizona. In that case, you can either get back your state taxes either as reimbursement for refund purposes or in credit form to reduce your tax liability. This means that your donation does not even have to cost a thing.
  2. You get to support those who are living under the poverty line. Homes that lack basic needs such as food and water, let alone help a child, will never have to go without food to eat. When donating to a qualified charitable organization, you are ensured that the charity invests in essential resources. Think of it as a way of helping our neighbors who are down on their luck.
  3. You get to know where your money goes. By donating directly to a qualified charitable organization, you get to know where your tax dollars go. This is because the State of Arizona allows you, as the donor, to decide where your money goes. This is great, especially for those individuals who wanted to give back to their old orphanage or the charities much closer to their hearts.
  4. Giving back to the community. Investing in a brighter future is at the heart of every donor’s wish. Giving back means creating a lasting change that would touch hundreds of people throughout our lifetime, maybe even thousands.
  5. Eligibility for three additional tax credits in the State of Arizona. In addition to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, donors can also be qualified for the following:

By donating to a qualified charitable organization, you can expect to receive the same amount of tax credit whenever you file either as an individual or a joint filing for married spouses. Supporting local charities is also encouraged. That way, you can be sure to see the difference in how much your money can do to make children’s lives easier and safer.


Other Ways on How to Show You Care


qualified charitable organization


Did you know? Tax benefits for donating to charity are not the only way to support others. Of course, donating funds to your favorite charity is not the only way you can get to show your love and support. Did you know that you could even volunteer regularly? This way, you can get to support your local qualified charitable organization in action! Here are other ways you can show support to your local qualified charitable organization in the State of Arizona.

  1. Donating your time and effort to your local shelter is one of the most popular initiatives we practice within the organization. Suppose you like to engage with people regularly. In that case, you can sign up and become a volunteer at a qualified charitable organization like ours.
  2. Donate goods and material resources such as books, blankets, clothes, and toys.
  3. Donate your excess food to local food banks and homeless shelters.
  4. Gift-matching is one of the newer ways of supporting individuals in need of holiday cheer, especially in times of stress and the holidays.
  5. Supporting a child’s education all the way. Many charitable organizations conduct this program as a way of helping children with promising futures. Still, they significantly lack educational and essential living funds, which is why they often do donor matches even overseas.

To know more about other ways to help your community, don’t forget to share our message and support our cause. Children’s Care Arizona Creating better opportunities for children’s lives.


See Where Your Donation Goes


qualified charitable organization

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Depending on the charity you are going for, your tax money can either end up in any of the following local charities in your area:

  • Homeless Shelters
  • Orphanages
  • Schools
  • Group Homes
  • Soup Kitchens

So, who can donate? Every financially independent person is allowed to contribute to a cause. Even kids as young as five could participate in donation drives. Doing good does not discriminate, after all. Also, don’t forget to SHARE our message and SUBSCRIBE to our website for more charitable opportunities you can join in.

Children’s Care, AZ: Creating better opportunities for children’s lives.


About Us

Children’s Care Arizona is a qualified charitable organization that values well-being, quality childcare, and support for low-income children of all ages. With our donors’ assistance, we have been able to provide the essential needs of children, starting with their basic needs to their education.

To know more about tax benefits for donating to charity and our fundraising programs, email us at support@childrenscareaz.org.


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