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How Do Private School Donations Work on Arizona Tax Credit?

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Tax Credits

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Donating to a qualified charitable organization is an excellent way to save more money via the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit. This grant allows Arizona taxpayers to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against Arizona Income Taxes. While your money is used to support children’s education, you can also expect the same amount in the form of a tax credit. It is a win-win situation.

Receiving tax benefits for donating to charity is great for generous and potential donors who prefer to say where their money goes. Contributing to a qualified charitable organization, in this case, a private school in Arizona, is one effective way of making sure that your money does go somewhere as they give you tax benefits for donating to charity.

You can achieve this by simply filing for a donation as an individual or a corporation depending on the type of arrangement they prefer.


How Does It Work?


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One of the tax benefits of donating to charity involves private school donations. It is a program that aims to support children living below the poverty line who attend private school with institutional scholarships in need of additional support for their basic needs. Here are ways how you can contribute to AZTO or any qualified charitable organization of your choice:

  • You can choose to contribute to AZTO online or by mail with a current donation form to participate in the tax credit program. You could even use their site to look for other qualified charitable organizations in the State of Arizona.
  • If you contribute online, you will receive an email receipt within moments of making the online donation. AZTO receives contributions by mail within the first quarter for all prior year contributions. During the first quarter of the year, AZTO issues receipts monthly by mail for those donations designated for credit in the previous tax year.
  • Contributions may be accepted through April 18th for credit in the previous calendar year. A donation must be postmarked by April 18th or received online by midnight on April 18th to be eligible for a distinction in the last calendar year.
  • When completing your taxes, use your AZTO receipt to claim the credit. The Arizona Forms 301, 323, and 348 will be used when claiming the Private School Tuition Tax Credits. These forms become available by the Arizona Department of Revenue each December.

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How to Pick a School?

Apart from being a well-rounded citizen, becoming a donor benefits humanity even more than ourselves. Investing in children is an excellent way of ensuring that our future will become brighter as generations come and go. We have had generous donors who pledged to donate regularly, some quite often, and others were just in. a sour of the moment thing. Nevertheless, we are grateful to have received a lot of help to realize our goal.

Children are the most important members of our society. Their vulnerability to the world is our responsibility as adults and productive community members. Apart from private school donations, here are some of the other causes you might be interested in:

  • Children’s Orphanages
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Elderly Homes
  • Educational Assistance for students attending K-12

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities for us to practice caring for humanity. To know more about Children’s Care, AZ, call us today at 480 795 3775.


About Us


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Children’s Care, AZ, constantly works in helping towards building a better outlet for kids to remain kids. To do this, our nonprofit organization accepts donations and offers other program incentives where donors can double their impact on the children’s lives. This option includes volunteering within children’s homes, donating goods instead of money, especially for minors, and dedicating their time and effort during fundraisers and the like. Endorsing the events is also yet another way of supporting our cause.

Receiving tax benefits for donating to charity is an effective way of helping the community members that matter the most. By channeling your contributions through qualified charitable organizations, you can rest assured that your money is in safe and effective hands.

A qualified charitable organization such as ours would not have been able to do our sole mission if not for the help of thousands of donors within Arizona. It is why we are thanking our sponsors and future sponsors for helping us achieve our goal despite these trying times.

What to learn more about tax benefits for donating to charity? Please email us at support@childrenscareaz.org. Better yet, call us at 480 795 3775.

Donate with us today!

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