Who is Children’s
Care Arizona?

Children’s Care Arizona is a 501C(3) non-profit organization as well as a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) that was created to provide support to the children of Arizona with a focus on low-income families. We believe all children, regardless of financial ability, have the right to receive outstanding childcare services.

Our QCO status allows us to receive dollar-for-dollar tax credit donations to be used for scholarships to support low-income families with various childcare services (preschool tuition, before/after school care, extracurricular activities, summer camps, etc.). In addition to the low-income scholarships, a portion of the donations received are available to our partners in the form of grant funding. These funds may be used at the discretion of our partners for items such as supplies, equipment purchases, facility repairs, and so much more!

Tax Credit VS
Tax Donation

A tax credit reduces an individual’s tax liability (or the total amount of tax debt owed to the government) on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to the maximum allowable amount.

A tax deduction reduces an individual’s taxable income. For every dollar an individual claims as a tax deduction, the taxable income is reduced by a dollar. Based on the calculation from the income bracket, the individual pays a tax on the amount left over after deductions are subtracted.

There are 5 types of organizations you can donate to AND you can donate to ALL 5 depending on your state tax liability.

Maximum amount joint filers can donate to CCA is $800 and $400 for single filers.
If necessary, you are able to carryover the tax credits for a period of 5 years.
Donors are able to request an organization be the receiver of funds, but a specific child cannot be designated.

Other Fun Facts!

Here are some other fun facts about QCO’s and tax credit donations:

I’m ready to

I know I will have a state tax liability and would like to donate now!

No State Tax Liability
But Want To Help?

Not everyone has a state tax liability, so making the donation is not an option.
BUT, there are other ways to support this amazing cause.

One of the best ways to support is to SHARE this information with friends and family that live in Arizona!

You can send them this link

Second, do you know an organization who might benefit from a partnership with Children’s Care Arizona?

If so, please share this link

Would you be interested in volunteering?

Click here to receive information on what it means to volunteer

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I Want To Partner
With Children’s
Care Arizona!

I want to support children and would love to partner with Children’s Care Arizona. Please have someone contact me with more information!

    Children’s Care Arizona is a NONPROFIT organization (EIN #82-3601596)
    approved by the State of Arizona to operate as a Qualified Charitable Organization.

    © 2022 Children’s Care Arizona Incorporated
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