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Which Organizations Qualify For The Arizona Tax Credit?

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Blog, Tax Credits

At Children Care’s Arizona, your donations matter to us. We are among the non-profit charity organizations that need your support. You may donate your Arizona tax credit to help a child in need.


Arizona tax credit


Paying taxes is part of the responsibility of a citizen. In Arizona, the government eases taxpayers’ liability through tax credits. It is a way of the state to encourage people to donate to a qualified charitable organization of your choice. But like any other taxpayer, you want to maximize the use of charity donations and taxes by making sure you are helping qualified charities. So, we created a quick guide for Arizona residents to know which non-profit charity organizations are qualified for using the Arizona tax credit.

Receiving tax benefits for donations may relieve you from paying the tax due. But I believe that contributing to a greater purpose to make a difference is more fulfilling. With tax credits, citizens can positively impact the individuals who are in need of help. Before we tackle determining the qualified non-profit charity organizations for tax benefits for donations, let us first understand all about the Arizona tax credit.


The Arizona Tax Credit


Arizona tax credit


As mentioned earlier, the government of Arizona eases taxpayers’ payments through tax credits. It offsets residents’ tax when they opt to donate to charities certified by the government. Keep in mind that regulators set maximum and minimum credits that residents can claim.

When you choose to avail the tax benefits for donations, it is essential to note that there are two types of tax credits for charitable contributions: Qualified Charitable Organizations or Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations that have been certified by the state of Arizona. Respectively, AZ Charitable Tax Credit is not eligible when you donate to non-certified charities.

Qualified Non-profit Charity Organizations for AZ Charitable Tax Credits

AZ Charitable Tax Credit aims to provide opportunities for residents of Arizona to support non-profit charity organizations that provide basic needs and services for the most vulnerable individuals of the sector. Over the years, it gained popularity each year for its opportunities among the residents.

According to the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR), qualified organizations for tax credits are Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCOs). These are non-profit organizations that offer services and basic needs to residents: who acquire temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) benefits, with chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, and that are low-income earners.

Further, QCOs entail showing that they are spending at least 50% of their annual budget on qualified individuals who are granted immediate basic social services. As of today, here is the list of QCOs-non-profit charitable organizations that are eligible for Arizona Tax Credit.

When you want to take part in helping to make a difference, feel free to join us at Children’s Care Arizona. We’re among the QCOs in Arizona that provide support to individuals who are in need. Contact us at 480 795 3775 to learn more about our programs.

Another type of non-profit charity organization that you can donate to and, at the same time, be eligible for tax credits is Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations (QFCO). Charities that aim to qualify as such need to meet all the requirements of QCOs and must spend at least 50% of their budget on their programs and services that nurture foster children. Notably, here is the list of the updated certified groups under QFCO.

Aside from the qualified groups for Az Charitable Tax Credits, there are plenty of other organizations that you can help and are also eligible for tax benefits. What’s great about Arizona tax credits is how the government efficiently utilizes charity donations and taxes. Plus, the freedom of the taxpayers to decide which organizations they want to help.

Other Arizona Tax Credits

The Arizona government provides a handful of tax credits that individuals and business owners can choose. Each tax credit explains how tax dollars are being allocated to non-profit charity organizations.


The Arizona Public School Tax Credit


Arizona tax credit

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Donations to qualified nonprofits for the Arizona Public School Tax Credit support children’s education. If you’re thinking about maximizing your tax benefits for charitable donations with this tax credit, you’re on the right route! Extracurricular activities and character education initiatives will acquire additional funding to support students with this tax credit.

Apart from that, children who receive this assistance can receive books, school supplies, and other learning items. Keep in mind that even the smallest act of compassion, such as contributing money to aid in the development of children’s skills, can have a significant impact on society’s future. If you are planning to help Public Schools in Arizona, here is the list of the qualified schools for tax credits.

The Arizona Private School Tax Credit

Helping low- to middle-income families send their children to private schools is another tax credit where you can optimize your tax benefit donations. Arizona Private School Tax Credit allows you to help students finish their studies in a private school. If you are a parent in Arizona who wants to send your children to a private school but cannot afford it, some taxpayers are willing to share their blessings. Herein is the list of qualified private schools in Arizona that you can donate to support students’ education.

Certified School Tuition Organizations

Aside from the tax credits of private and public schools, taxpayers can give additional charitable gifts to certified school tuition organizations. Here is the list of qualified schools to give scholarship grants to students in Arizona.

Electric Vehicle for Tax Credit

If you are looking for other causes besides children’s welfare, the government of Arizona offers Electric Vehicle for Tax Credit. However, this is only beneficial for those who own electric vehicles. It is an initiative of the federal government to incentivize electric vehicle owners.

Acquiring Tax Credits for Inclusive Benefits

The government utilizes taxes to provide quality public infrastructures and services to people. In Arizona, the state maximizes charity donations and taxes to fulfill its responsibility to provide inclusive development. Residents are encouraged to acquire tax credits for it eases their tax liability while at the same time, providing support to the most vulnerable sector in society. But keep in mind that what is paramount for acquiring tax credits is sharing your blessing with other people. Choosing to provide assistance to make a positive impact is more fulfilling than saving what you owe to the state.

To learn more about how to provide a positive impact to society, you can join us at Children’s Care Arizona. We support nurturing the future of the children. Call us at 480 795 3775.

At Children’s Care Arizona, we support children from low-income families. We believe that children are the future of our society.

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