Why Low-Income Children?

Our future lies in the hands of our children, and it’s our responsibility to provide them with the resources necessary to be successful. The CCA Team has witnessed firsthand the struggles of lower-income families to receive quality childcare in the form of daycare/preschool, before & after school care programs, extracurricular activities, summer camps, and more. In Arizona, we have the extraordinary opportunity to choose where we spend our tax dollars, with one of the options being a Qualified Charitable Organization that supports low-income families. What better way to give back to the great state of Arizona, than by donating tax dollars to our children in need.

Early Childhood Development/Preschool

Kids with positive, stable relationships with parents and caregivers, as well as quality child care and preschool experiences, go on to do better in school and in life. They’re more likely to read at grade level and graduate from high school.

Extracurricular Activities

From choir and cheerleading to soccer and student council, extracurricular school activities keep students engaged — but the cost may be among barriers that prevent some children from participating, a new national poll suggests. “Extracurricular school activities have been shown to boost educational achievement, personal development, and social opportunities,” says poll co-director Sarah Clark. “But barriers to participation prevent some children from enjoying the benefits that these experiences offer.

Summer Programs

These numbers show that approximately, one in three children did not participate in a structured program. The opportunities are not meeting the demand, in particular for low-income families.

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