Tax Credit

Don’t Pay Your Taxes to the AZ Dept of Revenue!


Because Arizona state law says you don’t have to…

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Any Amount

Don’t Let the Politicians Decide for you

Choose to send the money you owe the state to Children’s Care Arizona while you still have the chance –
instead of letting politicians decide how to spend your tax dollars.

When you make your payment to Children’s Care Arizona, 100% of it counts towards what you owe the AZ
Dept of Revenue. And those funds will be spent helping children in low-income families right here in Arizona
with their education, child care, sports programs, extracurricular activities, and much more.
yes you don’t have to…

The fact is, here in Arizona the law allows you to send your tax payment to
Children’s Care Arizona instead.

That’s right; you have the legal right to choose!

The State of Arizona Dept of Revenue granted a license to Children’s Care Arizona to accept money you
owe in state taxes, instead of sending that money to AZ Dept of Revenue.

The great thing about it is the money you send to Children’s Care Arizona counts towards the amount of
money you owe in state taxes on a dollar-for-dollar basis as a tax credit.

It’s a Simple Choice. You Decide:

Tax Credit

Yes, I want my state tax dollars to help children in Arizona

Tax Credit
Tax Credit
No, I want politicians to… spend MY tax dollars on what THEY think is important.
Tax Credit
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