These Kids Need Your Love and Support

Providing a way for you to use tax credits to provide child care/support for low-income children of all ages

Use Your Tax Dollar To Support Us!

Donate your state tax liability and take it as a dollar-for-dollar reduction off of your Arizona state taxes.

Donate your entire state tax liability, up to $800 if you are married or $400 if you are single, and receive those funds back when you file your taxes.

Funds will be used to help low income families at our school

Small decisions can change someone’s life

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit Qualified Charitable Organization approved by the State of Arizona that supports the care and supervision of children from low-income families attending preschools licensed by the DHS, public schools, privates schools, or charter schools.

We Care About the Future of Our Children

We at Children’s Care Arizona believe that children are the future—they set the course of how our world will evolve. Thus, we believe that children from low-income families deserve to be cared for and supervised so that their holistic development is ensured.

Be a volunteer!

Serving as the backbone of the foundation is a team of volunteers dedicated to ensuring that children get the support and care they for their holistic development free from the constraints of poverty. The team started with a small number of members when the foundation was first established in 2017. As the foundation grows, we need more volunteers. Sign up and help build a better future for the children.

The best about making a donations to Children’s Care Arizona, is you will be supporting an organization close to your heart.